CEA Releases Final 2002 Sales Figures
Sep 9, 2003
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Total U.S. factory sales of consumer electronics
products will reach U.S. $95 billion in 2003, according to new figures by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). CEA also announced that total manufacturer-to-dealer sales increased from $93.7 billion in 2001 to $93.9 billion in 2002. CEA released these figures as part of its U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales & Forecasts, 1999-2004, which provides final year-end sales totals for 2002 and updates forecasts originally released this past January for 2003.

The report covers factory sales of various product categories, including video,
audio, mobile, home information, blank media, accessories, electronic gaming, and
home security. In addition, this year CEA has added data on factory sales of personal digital assistants (PDAs) to the mobile electronics section.

The report shows that LCD and plasma TVs, MP3 players, aftermarket autosound, mobile video and navigation, digital cameras, blank media, accessories, and batteries, and electronic gaming hardware and software stood with strong increases.

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