Techsan Develops Fully Integrated Digital LCD Television
Sep 3, 2003
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Pixelworks, Inc., a provider of system-on-chip ICs for the advanced display industry, announced that Techsan, a manufacturer of set-top boxes and LCD monitors, is introducing Europe's first LCD television with a fully integrated DVB-T digital tuner. The company said that Techsan's TSL-15T, known as a Liquid Crystal Display integrated Digital Television (LCDiDTV), was developed in three months following Pixelworks' Digital TV Production Reference Design methodology, including the Pixelworks PW113 ImageProcessor and comprehensive software development kit.

According to Pixelworks, Techsan combined its established expertise in set-top box (STB) and LCD monitor products to target the emerging LCD television market, in particular those models designed for the new digital video broadcast standards that are being introduced in Europe. The TSL-15T is a 15-in XGA-resolution LCD TV with a digital tuner that is slated for introduction in the U.K. in October under the TechView brand, followed by 17-in and 20-in models by the end of the year. Also, Techsan is reportedly currently developing 26-in, 32-in, and 40-in versions with DVB-T capability for the European market, as well as ATSC-capable models for the U.S. using a variety of Pixelworks ICs.

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