Gas-Powered Air-Conditioners Gaining Favor in China
Sep 3, 2003
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Due to rapid growth of natural gas supply in China in recent years, many experts are a strong gas-burning air-conditioner market, assuming that the cost advantage will propel rapid development of gas-burning air-conditioning products.

In Japan and South Korea, where the energy structure and structure of residence are closer to those in China, gas-burning air-conditioners make up 85 percent and 88 percent of the total load of central air-conditioning respectively. In China, annual sales of central air-conditioning equipment is currently more than 5 billion yuan (U.S. $604 million). There are more than 30 gas-burning air-conditioner producers, and they reported a sales volume of 1 billion yuan in 2002; three to four producers have grabbed 85 percent of the market in China.

Experts predict that after the west-east gas transmission project is completed, gas-burning air-conditioners will have an explosive growth period.

According to Liu Jiansheng, an expert of the China National Petroleum Corporation, gas-burning air-conditioners for commercial use, not for household use, will become mainstream. In the future, China may construct regional cooling or heating centers, similar to what is being is done in Japan, and these centers will adopt gas-burning air-conditioners for commercial use to supply cool and warm air and hot water to consumers through pipelines and terminal equipment.

Thus, market space of gas-burning air-conditioners for commercial use is huge, and many air-conditioner producers, such as Yuanda, Haier, and Shuangliang, are paying close attention to this market. (Asia Pulse, XIC)

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