Salton Launches New Westinghouse Vacuum Line, Names Spokesperson
Sep 2, 2003
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Salton, Inc. announced today that it had named movie star John Cleese, as the new host of both short-form and long-form commercials introducing the Westinghouse Unplugged Cord-free vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is battery operated, eliminating the need for access to an electrical outlet during use. The battery is rechargeable.

According to Salton, Mr. Cleese agreed to do the campaign because his and Salton's views coincided in presenting entertaining, humorous and innovative advertising to consumers. There will be a series of five 30-sec commercials, as well as a long-form commercial. Mr. Cleese and Salton have options for promoting future Westinghouse products for Salton. The short-form commercials will begin airing at the end of September; the long form will begin airing mid-October. The company has already shipped the first production units and expects to be near full-production levels in time for Christmas.

Mr. Cleese has appeared in more than 100 movies and television shows, including roles in two Harry Potter films, several James Bond movies, A Fish Called Wanda, and many others. However, he is best known for his role in Monty Python, the popular 1970's television series. He has also produced and written many movies and television shows and has made many guest appearances on popular television shows.

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