CEA Announces New Home Networking Standards Subcommittee
Aug 27, 2003
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The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced the formation of a new home networking standards subcommittee named R7.7—Wireless Entertainment Networking. As part of CEA's R7 home network committee, the scope and focus of the R7.7 subcommittee is to develop and maintain standards related to in-home wireless networks for consumer electronics applications.

"Thanks to 802.11 and WiFi, consumers are now adopting wireless technology for home use, mainly to have untethered access to the Internet," said Glen Stone, director of strategy, standards, and architecture at Sony, and chairman of the R7.7 subcommittee. "The inclusion of audio-video devices into a wireless home network is a natural application for wireless technology. The R7.7 subcommittee will serve as a resource for industry, addressing the issues and requirements for wireless AV networking and helping to bring wireless technology to consumers."

According to CEA, R7.7 will initially take over an existing CEA home networking investigation project, "Wireless Technologies Assessment," to determine the needs of various entertainment applications and the ability of wireless technologies to meet those needs. Several other work projects are being discussed. One potential project is to define standard measurement techniques, including environmental conditions, which may be needed to assess the relative performance of wireless technologies, said CEA.

The new subcommittee will round out CEA's home networking standards activities, which have been formed around primary applications, such as control networks and audio-video clusters, and the use of specific interconnect technologies, such as Ethernet or Firewire. R7.7 highlights a more recent emphasis on connecting cluster networks into whole-home heterogeneous consumer networks.

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