Proposed Dishwasher Detergent Warning May Be Misleading
Aug 22, 2003
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A warning about automatic dishwasher detergents (ADDs) proposed for inclusion in an international standard for appliance operating instructions could "misdirect and misinform" consumers
and should be rejected, according to The Soap and Detergent Association (SDA).

SDA has filed comments with the U.S. National Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), an international standard-setting body for electrical, electronic and related technologies. The proposal would add
the suggested language to an international safety standard for dishwashing operating manuals.

IEC's reference is "inconsistent with the actual risks posed by these products," said SDA. "The text of the IEC proposal would present the consumer with information inconsistent with current labeling appearing on these products in the U.S., leading to consumer confusion."

Instructions appearing in manuals for dishwashing appliances should be focused on the safe and proper use of the appliance, not the use of the
dishwashing detergents, said SDA President and CEO Ernie Rosenberg. He added that dishwasher detergents are stringently regulated in many nations and that the IEC language may also be inconsistent with ongoing global efforts to harmonize precautionary labeling.

"Even an effort as well intentioned as this proposal before IEC has the potential to misdirect and misinform consumers," Mr. Rosenberg said. "The most important message to communicate to consumers is that they should always read the label of a product to use it efficiently and safely."

SDA's comments will be available on its website at SDA makes available free online information about the safe, beneficial and proper use of dishwashing products at

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