Dyson to Move Washing Machine Jobs to Malaysia
Aug 21, 2003
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UK appliance maker Dyson has announced plans to move production of its washing machines to Malaysia to reduce manufacturing costs, the Financial Times reported.

Unions reacted with dismay when Dyson announced the move on Wednesday.

Dyson's move to cut 65 jobs follows last year's decision to transfer production of the company's vacuum cleaners to Malaysia, which resulted in 800 job cuts.

The UK appliance maker said yesterday's announcement was part of its continuing drive to expand its research and development center at Malmesbury, Wiltshire, which was "crucial to Dyson's long-term future," according to the company.

It said the previous move to Malaysia enabled the company to secure 1,200 jobs at Malmesbury, a third of them as scientists or engineers, and expand production and successfully launch its products in the U.S. (FT.com)

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