Kuppersbusch Launches Induction Wok in U.S.
Aug 15, 2003
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Kuppersbusch USA has announced that its Induction Wok is now available in the U.S.

Designed by Klaus Keichel and winner of an IF International Design Award, the cooking product uses electromagnetic energy to heat the wok itself, which, according to Kuppersbusch, is a faster, safer, cooler and more efficient form of cooking. When the unit is turned on, the magnetic coil produces a high frequency, alternating magnetic field, which flows through the cookware quickly and evenly, stimulating the molecules in the cookware to move back and forth rapidly, thus creating friction, which creates heat to cook. Unlike traditional cooking surfaces that heat up and stay hot long after the meal has been prepared, the concave black glass-ceramic surface of the wok stays cool to the touch as it is unaffected by the magnetic field, according to Kuppersbusch.

The wok is said to be more energy efficient than gas or traditional electric woks. Kuppersbusch claims the induction wok delivers 90 percent of the energy that it uses to the pan, whereas gas delivers only 55 percent to the pan. In addition, when you remove the pan from the induction-cooking surface, the cooktop immediately switches into standby mode, which uses almost no energy whatsoever, Kuppersbusch said.

Additionally, unlike a gas burner or electrical stove, the induction cooktop is incapable of producing heat on its own; only when a pan is placed on top of it does it generate a magnetic field that excites the magnetic molecules in the pan which creates instant, precise and very controllable heat, the company said.

Kuppersbusch said it has received its first container of Induction Wok elements, and 50 percent has been pre-sold or dedicated for showroom displays.

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