CEA Adopts DENi Standard
Aug 4, 2003
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The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced that its Home Network Committee (R7) has adopted a new standard for home networks, designated CEA-2008 -The Digital Entertainment Network Initiative DENi. The standard was created to make it easier for consumers to share content over a home network and to establish consistent interoperability between consumer electronics end devices. The standard collects existing standards and specifies how they work together.

CEA-2008 leverages widely-used open Internet and CE industry standards. By clarifying how more than 60 different standards interrelate, DENi makes interoperability between different manufacturers' audio, video and imaging products possible. This compatibility is achieved using Internet Protocols (IP), with Ethernet as the common network platform, UPnP(tm) as the middleware, and a core set of supported audio and video formats. In addition, DENi supports a quality of service scheme for Ethernet that was developed in CEA's R7.5 A/V Networking subcommittee to allow for better interoperability between devices that support bandwidth reservation and those that only support prioritization.

Upcoming plans for the DENi standard include an interoperability "plugfest" this month, which allows manufacturers to evaluate their prototypes and product designs to ensure compatibility, and the rollout of an accompanying logo program for manufacturer self-certification, which will be handled by CEA's Home Networks and IT (HNIT) division.

CEA-2008 is available from Global Engineering Documents at http://global.ihs.com. Additional information about CEA's Technology and Standards department can be found at www.ce.org/standards.

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