Keurig to Launch Single Cup Brewing System
Jul 31, 2003
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Keurig, Inc. announced that this fall it will ship a single-cup brewing system for the home.

Keurig's patented single-cup brewing system reportedly lets people brew a perfect cup of gourmet coffee in less than 1 minute without the hassle of grinding beans, measuring coffee, measuring, usihandling filters, or cleaning up. The Keurig Brewed system is said to take away the guesswork and deliver a consistently perfect cup of coffee.

The Keurig System consists of a Keurig Single- Cup Brewer and a K-Cup. The brewing actually takes place inside the patented Keurig K-Cup. The K-Cup which is impermeable to oxygen, moisture and light and contains an individual paper filter cone with the exact amount and grind of coffee from one of Keurig's gourmet coffee partners. To brew at cup, a user simply places a K-Cup of their choice into the brewer, which is designed to consistently deliver the exact amount of water at the correct temperature and pressure to extract the optimum coffee flavor. Because each cup is individually brewed, the Keurig system allows a coffee drinker to select the coffee of their choice from more than 60 gourmet coffees that are currently available for the Keurig System.

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