Sony to Recall 340,000 TVs in Japan
Jul 29, 2003
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Consumer electronics maker Sony Corp. said on Tuesday that it would recall 340,000 Trinitron televisions in Japan due to defective parts.

Sony said problems with capacitors could cause loss of the power supply to the TVs, and it would repair them free of charge.

Ten models manufactured and sold in Japan between January 1998 and June 1999 are subject to the glitches.

The recall will cost 1.8 billion yen (U.S. $15.07 million), a Sony spokeswoman said.

Earlier this month, Sony said it would recall about 18,000 Vaio laptop computers globally, including 13,000 in Japan, due to the risk of a small electric shock caused by faulty modems. This in addition to its recall of about 40,000 desktop PCs in Japan, the U.S., and Canada since late last year due to defective supply parts. (Reuters)

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