NTT, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Develop New Encryption Tech
Jul 28, 2003
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Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. (NTT), Hitachi Ltd., and Mitsubishi Electric Corp announced that they have jointly developed a more secure and faster encryption technology for making digital signatures.

The joint development for the new technology, known as CRESERC, began in November 2002. The three companies said they have achieved the industry's highest level of security without sacrificing data processing speed.

Despite the complex encryption technology used, CRESERC reportedly works as fast as any other comparable system for identification purposes.

The companies say they will employ the new technology in their smart cards and aim to grab a big share in the digital signature market for electronic government and for other means of electronic data transmission which require a high level of security, such as on-line shopping.

Electronic signatures are designed to help identify the senders of electronic documents and replace traditional signatures and personal seals. Encryption technology is used for security purposes.

Japanese encryption technologies generally work faster and are relatively easier to offer on microchips than those developed elsewhere. (Dow Jones)

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