Survey Says Samsung Electronics Soars to 25TH in Brand Value
Jul 25, 2003
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Samsung Electronics rose to 25th in terms of brand value in the corporate world this year, up nine notches from its standing in 2002, according to a survey released recently.

Samsung's brand value, equivalent to U.S. $10.8 billion, more than doubled since 2000 when it marked $5.22 billion.

The annual survey is jointly conducted by Businessweek magazine and Interbrand, a business consulting firm.

Samsung marked the highest rate of increase at 31 percent in brand value among 100 global companies, followed by Hewlett-Packard with 18 percent and Dell Computer Corp. with 12 percent. Sony, a Samsung rival, came in at number 20.

U.S.-based Coca Cola Co. maintained the number one post in terms of corporate brand value at $70.45 billion, trailed by Microsoft with $65.17 billion and IBM with $51.76 billion. (Asia Pulse)

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