Honeywell Licenses LCD Patents to Toshiba
Jul 25, 2003
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Honeywell announced that it has granted a license to Toshiba Corporation enabling that company to use two Honeywell U.S. patents relating to liquid crystal displays (LCDs). According to the company, the patented technologies reduce screen flicker and drive the grey scale of the pixels that form the images displayed on the screen. The technologies are used in LCD applications, including desktop PC monitors, notebook computers, televisions, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other applications.

Under the agreement, Toshiba is granted non-exclusive, worldwide rights to use certain patented Honeywell LCD technologies. The company reported that the technologies are covered by U.S. patent No. 5,061,920 and 5,041,823 and their foreign counterparts. The license agreement extends to LCD products (including modules and panels) that employ Toshiba drivers.

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