Jacuzzi Celebrates Birthday of Whirlpool Bath Invention
Jul 23, 2003
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When inventor Roy Jacuzzi designed a jet system and placed it into the perimeter of the bathtub, he forever changed the way people relaxed at home. Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath is marking the 35th anniversary of its founder's groundbreaking invention with a summer promotion inviting consumers to "Refresh ... Relax ... Revitalize."

"Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath now holds more than 250 worldwide patents. We wanted to use this milestone to celebrate our history of innovation and to show our appreciation to the loyal consumers of the Jacuzzi® brand," said E. Kent Baker, president, Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath. "We're credited with inventing the whirlpool bath, and as a company we build on that heritage by continuing to provide innovative consumer-driven products."

To mark 35 years of innovation, Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath is giving away a choice of free drain kit, 1 year extended warranty, or relaxation kit (includes bathtub pillow and aromatherapy products). The summer promotion is available to Jacuzzi® consumers through its network of designer showrooms across the nation.

The Jacuzzi® Heritage of Innovation
According to the company, the Jacuzzi family lineage of innovation began with the seven Jacuzzi brothers (five of which are pictured), who immigrated to California, U.S. from Italy. The brothers made great strides in aviation by inventing the first self-enclosed cabin monoplane and continued their success with advances in hydraulic pump systems used in agriculture.

Third-generation Roy Jacuzzi translated his passion for design in engineering when he invented and marketed the world's first fully integrated whirlpool bath, known as the Roman. Jacuzzi went on to create a cultural phenomenon that exists today as a multimillion dollar whirlpool bath industry.

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