ASHRAE Standard 62 Addendum Approved
Jul 23, 2003
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An addendum to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers' (ASHRAE) ventilation standard addressing ventilation rates has been approved for publication. ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62-2001, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air
Quality, sets minimum ventilation rates and other requirements for commercial and institutional buildings.

Addendum 62n was approved for publication at the Society's 2003 Annual Meeting, June 28-July 2. The addendum will revise the standard's vntilation rate procedure used to determine design ventilation rates. The revision reportedly will make it easier for designers to determine design ventilation rates and reduce the potential for overventilation in some densely occupied spaces, according to David Butler, P.E., committee chair. The addendum will base ventilation requirements on the number of people a space is expected to hold, as well as the space's floor area, Mr. Butler said. The procedure is used to calculate minimum outdoor ventilation requirements for a building ventilation system. For example, in an office building, the procedure is used to determine the
outdoor air requirement for each space type (offices, conference rooms, corridors, etc.), which are in turn used to determine the amount of outdoor air intake required at the air handler.

The existing procedure, issued in 1989, contains a number of requirements that are difficult for designers to comply with and that do not allow
designers to explicitly account for occupant density in a space, Mr. Butler said. The addendum is subject to a 15-day appeals period to the Board of Directors. Published addenda to ASHRAE standards are available for free at,

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