GE Announces U.S. Laundry Contest
Jul 22, 2003
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According to a recent national survey commissioned by GE Appliances, 1 in 10 women have a husband or boyfriend that knows absolutely nothing about doing the laundry.

To raise national awareness of this laundry divide, GE has declared the month of August "National Men Do Laundry Month" in an effort to help U.S. consumers better manage their laundry and to encourage women to take a break. The month will feature entertaining and educational special events and details of the nationwide survey on men and women's attitudes toward laundry.

As part of the campaign, GE is launching a Ludicrous Laundry Stories contest, which will expose the issue of laundry literacy and encourage women across the country to put more emphasis on sharing the chore with their partners. One winner of the contest will walk away with the GE Profile Harmony Clothes Care System – GE’s new laundry appliances with communications capabilities. "The washer talks and the dryer listens," according to GE, reportedly resulting in better clothes care.

GE's Ludicrous Laundry Stories contest will run from July 21, 2003 through Sept. 8, 2003. GE will randomly choose 50 winners, and a panel of independent judges will pick the five most ludicrous stories and post them on the GE Harmony web site ( At the close of the contest, a grand prizewinner will be randomly selected from the top five stories to win a GE Profile Harmony Clothes Care System.

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