Dell Company Shareholders Approve Name Change, Re-Elect Three Directors
Jul 21, 2003
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At Dell Inc.’s annual meeting of shareholders, Michael Dell, chairman of the board and CEO, said more and more customers are making the company a trusted enterprise partner, especially for standards-based servers, storage systems, and services. Shareholders embracing the company's broader reach approved a corporate name change—from Dell Computer Corp. to Dell Inc. Mr. Dell said the company's formal name is "catching up" with its evolution from supplying strictly computer hardware to providing a diverse range of technology products and services.

In other matters, shareholders voted to return three directors—Michael A. Miles, Alex J. Mandl, and Morton L. Topfer—to the Dell board. They also approved two other management proposals: that all directors stand for re-election annually, and for a tax-deductible, performance-based executive compensation plan.

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