Samsung Reports Q2 Results
Jul 18, 2003
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Samsung Electronics announced its second quarter figures for fiscal 2003. Revenue totaled KRW 9.84 trillion (U.S. $8.34 billion), with operating income of KRW 1.16 trillion ($983 million), and net income of KRW 1.13 trillion ($958 million). Revenue achieved quarter-on-quarter gains of 2.5 percent. According to the company, total revenue can be broken down as KRW 3.76 trillion ($3.2 billion) for the Device Solution Network (semiconductors and LCDs), KRW 3.18 trillion ($2.7 billion) for the Telecommunication Network (information and communications), KRW 1.85 trillion ($1.6 billion) for the Digital Media Network (audio visual appliances and computers), and KRW 970 billion ($822 million) for the Digital Appliance Network (home appliances).

The company reported the Device Solution Network represented 38 percent of total sales; the Telecommunication Network, 32 percent; the Digital Media Network, 19 percent; the Digital Appliance Network, 10 percent; and other new business areas, 1 percent.

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