Lennox Offers First Full Range of R-410A AC's for Light Commercial Applications
Jul 18, 2003
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Lennox Industries Inc., a subsidiary of Lennox International Inc., is reportedly the first manufacturer to produce packaged air-conditioning units in sizes from 5 to 30 tons, all in commercial voltages, that use the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A. Suitable for a wide variety of common light commercial applications such as schools, retail stores, and restaurants, the rooftop units allow building owners to install air-conditioning systems using a tested and proven refrigerant that meets new government requirements.

While the industry will have to begin changing refrigerants in 2010 due to new environmental regulations, Lennox continues to be a leader in the change to new refrigerants. "Lennox Industries was already providing commercial R-410A units on a special order basis to some customers wanting to enhance their environmental protection practices or who were evaluating the impact of this refrigerant change to their facility operations," said Bob Schjerven, chief executive officer. "As more customers evaluate the long-term impact of purchasing R-22 charged equipment today, they are realizing it is in their best interest to begin transitioning their facilities to non-chlorine based refrigerants such as R-410A.

"Lennox' strong relationships with its customers have allowed us to respond quickly to their needs and help lead the way to the new refrigerant era."

The phase-out of the production of equipment using R-22 refrigerant is scheduled for completion in 2010, and the gradual phase-out of new R-22 refrigerant is scheduled from 2004 to 2020. "The average lifespan of a packaged rooftop unit is about 15 years," Mr. Schjerven said. "Many forward- thinking building owners will likely consider buying air conditioning equipment with the new R-410A refrigerant when they evaluate the long-term impact of today's purchasing decisions."

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