Korean Home Appliance Makers Increase Marketing in Post-SARS China
Jul 15, 2003
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South Korea's major home appliance makers are making a sales pitch in China after fears of SARS disappeared in one of the fastest growing markets in the world, industry officials said today.

China was once the epicenter of the often deadly flu-like disease called severe acute respiratory syndrome. The epidemic seriously curtailed sales of home appliances in China, but sales are picking up after China was de-listed by World Health Organization from the SARS watch list.

LG Electronics Inc. said it resumed an exhibition of air balloon robot in Beijing last month, when it held a ceremony to debut a new monitor model. LG also held a kite-flying event with Chinese officials as part of its publicity campaign.

Since July 7, LG Electronics began taking out a series of advertisements in Chinese newspapers and other media and plans to hold large-scale publicity events that have been postponed since the outbreak of the disease.

"We turned a SARS crisis into an opportunity. We will make more efforts to boost LG's image in post-SARS China," said an LG official.

To mark the second anniversary of China's successful bidding for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, Samsung Electronics Co. sponsored "Beijing Olympics Running Festival."

Samsung officials said that they plan to hold trade road shows, expand Samsung digital show rooms, and sponsor a preliminary round for World Cyber Games in China.

In time with the opening Friday of the movie Matrix Reloaded in China, Samsung will stage a street publicity campaign as it did in Korea, according to company officials.

It also plans to use the portfolios of its local corporations in Beijing and Shanghai to attract the attention of Chinese consumers, while strengthening advertising through TV and the Internet.

Daewoo Electronics Corp. also plans to strengthen marketing to compete with LG and Samsung, according to industry sources.

"China's consumer sentiment weakened by SARS will regain vitality very soon, and Korea's home appliance makers' marketing competition will become more intense," said an industry observer. (Asia Pulse)

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