Samsung Gains Good Reputation in Italian Home Appliance Market
Jul 11, 2003
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Samsung Electronics Co., a leading memory chip maker, said today it has gained a positive reputation in the Italian electric household appliances market.

Samsung's liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions in Italy reportedly captured the largest market share at 47 percent in the first quarter this year.

"Last year we sold 13,000 LCD televisions in Italy and this year we expect to sell more than 80,000, a 600-percent jump in sales," a Samsung official said.

Samsung recorded the top market share in the sales of DVD players and VCRs in 2001, and those products, along with LCD televisions, monitors and air-conditioners, also dominated the company's respective markets last year.

Samsung said it hopes 10 products, including plasma display panels TVs, projection TVs, and refrigerators, will claim top spot in their markets in 2003.

Marketing efforts that have linked an appropriate pricing policy, aggressive promotions, and a strengthened distribution channel have contributed to Samsung's excellent performance in Italy, the company official said. (Asia Pulse)

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