Sony Halts Commercial Sale of Humanoid Robot
Mar 27, 2003
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Sony Corp. has decided not to launch sales of its home entertainment robot "SDR-4X" for now, a senior company engineer said on Thursday.

Rather, the company will just use it as Sony's "ambassador," Masahiro Fujita, senior manager and principal scientist at Sony's Intelligent Dynamics Laboratory said at a briefing for foreign press. "Our top management decided to use SDR as a branding strategy" for the time being, he said.

A year ago Sony unveiled the prototype of the home-use humanoid robot and said it hoped to announce the commercial launch of the robot in 2002.

Fujita said Sony has been discussing how to sell SDR, but decided "it's too early" to start sales.

It remains unclear what kind of price is suitable for the product, or what kind of performance customers really want from it, he said. Last year, Sony said the robot would be priced at a comparable level to a luxury car. (Dow Jones)

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