Mitsubishi Electric to Close Mexico CRT plant
Jun 26, 2003
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Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corp. said it will close next month a northern Mexico plant that makes cathode ray tubes for computer monitors only 5 years after it was opened, cutting 1,200 jobs, a plant official said. New computer and television screen technologies such as plasma displays and liquid crystal displays are the reason the plant is closing, the official said. Cathode ray tubes (known as CRTs) are the devices inside most televisions and computer monitors that display images on the screen. "We are going to stop operations on July 15 and will seek to sell the installations, which belong to Mitsubishi," Oscar Garcia, vice president of Mitsubishi's Melco Display plant, told Reuters by telephone. The plant, inaugurated in Sept. 1998, has the capacity to manufacture 2.7 million CRTs a year for 17-inch computer screens. Most of the production is for export. Mitsubishi has television and other electronics plants in Mexico. (Reuters)

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