Singer Opts for High-Tech
Mar 14, 2003
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Singer (Thailand) Plc is shedding its old corporate image as a
manufacturer of budget sewing machines and electrical appliances and taking on the mantle of a producer of a range of upmarket high technology household items, including Internet TVs, which it says are a world first.

General manager Yongyut Boonpektrakul announced the company's
new business concept, "At Home Worldwide," adopted by its parent
firm, Singer NV in New York, NY, U.S. for its 150 international subsidiaries, to widen their customer base.

In addition, product lines will be targeted at the younger generation, away from the "family" clientele, its traditional market focus group. After a good start distributing Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles and furniture products, the company is set to become an agent for housing projects represented by ERA Franchise (Thailand) in the near future.

Singer's electrical appliances, using its door-to-door sales system, contribute more than 90 percent of its total annual sales.

Mr. Yongyut said his company would offer the world's first Internet television, a range of high-technology products, coin-operated washing machines, and mobile phones, as part of the new product lines.(Bangkok Post)

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