Lennox Offers Integrated Home Comfort Solution
Mar 12, 2003
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Lennox Industries Inc., a subsidiary of Lennox International Inc., announced what it calls the industry's first integrated home comfort solution. The new Dave Lennox Signature(TM) Integrated Comfort Solution focuses on all of the areas studies show are most important to consumers: indoor air quality, comfort, efficiency, quiet operation, reliability, and environmental responsibility. The components of the Dave Lennox Signature Integrated Comfort Solution -- including variable speed furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, indoor air quality products, and zoning controls -- can be installed separately, or integrated together for maximum effect. Lennox' SignatureStat(TM) Home Comfort Controller ties the whole system together, making it convenient and easy to fine-tune indoor comfort levels.

Indoor air quality and maintenance reminders tell homeowners when maintenance is recommended for optimum performance. Lennox' unique System Operations Monitor also tells the homeowner via a light on the thermostat if there is a problem with the condensing unit or heat pump.

Consumers also appreciate seeing an indicator light on the thermostat when the air conditioner or heat pump needs maintenance or isn't working properly -- another benefit of the Dave Lennox Signature Integrated Comfort Solution.

Where comfort is concerned, the Dave Lennox Signature Integrated Comfort Solution has homeowners covered. The Harmony III(TM) zoning system operates along with the air conditioners and variable speed furnace or air handlers to not only deliver heating or cooling just to the parts of the home that need it, but actually tailor air flow and heating or cooling output to more closely match the home's requirements.

The SignatureStat controller allows homeowners to establish both humidity and temperature setpoints. On humid evenings, the Dave Lennox Signature Integrated Comfort Solution can help keep humidity levels down, optimizing comfort.

Indoor air quality is a major and growing concern in North America. Here the Dave Lennox Signature Integrated Comfort solution also delivers real solutions to homeowners. With a PureAir(TM) home air purifier, the home's air can be cleaned more effectively than any other single system. It removes irritating particles and bioaerosols from the airstream with an effective MERV 9 filter. Plus, patented photocatalytic technology removes odors and chemicals, leaving the home's air cleaner.

While the Dave Lennox Signature Integrated Comfort Solution is working hard to keep homes comfortable, it won't make a lot of noise. That's because the air conditioners and furnaces include the quietest on the market today. And, with non-ozone depleting refrigerants, homeowners can rest easy knowing they're doing their part for the environment.

The Dave Lennox Signature Integrated Comfort Solution is available from participating Lennox dealers across North America.

Lennox Industries is a subsidiary of Lennox International Inc. (LII). A Fortune 500 company operating in over 70 countries, LII is a global leader in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration markets. LII stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "LII". Additional information is available at www.lennoxinternational.com or by contacting Karen O'Shea, Vice President, Communications and Public Relations, at 972-497-5258.

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