AHAM President Testifies on Behalf of Broad Energy Coalition
Mar 11, 2003
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AHAM President Joseph M. McGuire testified before the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on behalf of the High Tech Energy Working Group (HTEWG), a broad-based business coalition in favor of balanced, national energy legislation. The Coalition strongly supports enactment this year of most of the national energy efficiency provisions as adopted in the House-Senate in the last Congress. The supported legislation combines voluntary and incentive programs that will improve the overall energy efficiency of products offered to American consumers.

Specifically, the legislation includes provisions on Standby Power which are supported by the HTEWG which account for the valuable functions of many products when in standby mode. New federal standards for products developed by DOE are also supported by the HTEWG, in exchange for strict federal preemption of state standards. This includes standards for commercial clothes washers. The coalition strongly believes that it is necessary for the federal government to preempt states from enacting economically disruptive product standards so that innovation and consumer value is not interrupted.

The Coalition supports the expansion of the EnergyStar program, but wishes to enhance its procedures for public and partner input in the decision making process. Further, Congress is asked to consider whether energy guide labels for all products are still appropriate, particularly where EnergyStar labels exist and can
serve the same purpose. Lastly, federal support for state appliance rebate programs is encouraged to support market transformation to highly efficient products. These programs could be even more effective with federal partnership assistance. Mr. McGuire also noted the importance of the manufacturer's tax credit for super efficient appliances.

During Mr. McGuire's testimony, he commended the Senate Energy Committee for its efforts to improve market transformation programs and for seeking to maintain consumer energy economies. McGuire, on behalf of the Coalition, asked the Energy Committee to consider the modest and important revisions to the legislation.

The High Tech Energy Working Group is a broad based coalition of consumer, business and technology product manufacturing associations and companies. The members include AHAM, the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute, the American Electronics Association, the Association for Competitive Technology,
the Consumer Electronics Association, the Electronic Industries Association, the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association, the Information Technology Council and several member companies.

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