Vent-A-Hood Unveils New Liners
Feb 27, 2003
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Hiding appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers with door panels that carefully match a kitchen's cabinets has now expanded to include custom range hoods, thanks to the introduction of new liners from Vent-A-Hood, a range hood manufacturer.

Based in Richardson, TX, U.S., Vent-A-Hood has developed a liner complete with its patented Magic Lung(R), which also can be customized on the outside to fit any decor. Magic Lung is a centrifugal blower system that removes 99 percent of all grease, smoke, and odors. The technology was patented in 1940 and today remains the quietest, most efficient, and powerful way to remove cooking contaminants from the home. The Magic Lung is installed into every Vent-A-Hood.

The liners can be outfitted with wood, plaster, tile, or any number of exteriors to meet design needs. And inside, Vent-A-Hood's Magic Lung provides 300 to 1200 CFMs of air movement to liquefy 100 percent of grease, remove odors, and make the kitchen safe and inviting. While all Vent-A-Hoods come equipped with the Magic Lung, the Vent-A-Hood liner is the one product that can be transformed into any exterior that a kitchen
requires, according to the company.

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