ARI Launches Heat Pump Pool and Spa Heaters Product Section
Feb 27, 2003
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The Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI)
welcomes Heat Pump Pool and Spa Heaters as its newest product section. "The product section was approved by ARI's Board of Directors on November 17, 2002," according to Henry Hwong, ARI's director of Product Sections, "and is an exciting opportunity to bring together manufacturers of heat pump pool and spa heaters to ensure that approved standards are maintained, and that a
dialogue among industry leaders is established."

Members of ARI's Heat Pump Pool and Spa Heaters Product Section carefully define its scope to include "factory-made assembly containing the air moving device, compressor, and refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger using ambient air as the heat source. Heat pump pool heaters shall provide function of heating pool/spa water with controlled temperature, but may include the
functions of water cooling."

"Manufactures of heat pump pool and spa heaters recognized several years ago the need to establish industry standards and also assure the integrity of industry's ratings through independent performance certification programs,"
says Jeff Tawney of AquaCal.

"ARI's reputation in establishing industry standards and upholding the industry's integrity is well known. The commitment from companies joining the newly established ARI product section further demonstrates those commitments," says Tim Holdway of Energy Utilization Systems.

AquaCal and Energy Utilization Systems, are both charter companies in the newly established section. "Future goals for the section include drafting an ARI Standard for heat pump pool and spa heaters and to assume the administration of the heat pump pool and spa heaters certification program,"
said Hwong.

Manufacturers of pool and spa heaters were previously organized under the Pool Heat Pump Manufacturers Association (PHPMA). A performance certification program was also organized under PHPMA that was administered by Intertek Testing Services (ITS).

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