GE Test Runs Stainless-Steel Profile Dishwasher
Feb 21, 2003
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General Electric Co. has started pilot production at Appliance Park in Louisville, KY, U.S. of its new Profile built-in dishwasher, which features GE's first stainless-steel interior.
GE has built a few hundred models, primarily for testing in GE labs and to test in homes, said Rich Wrightington, plant manager for dishwasher operations at Appliance Park. The four production lines in Building 3 expect to start making the dishwashers in April. They go on sale in June.

The new model isn't expected to add more jobs in Louisville, but it is part of GE efforts to make Appliance Park more profitable, spokeswoman Kim Freeman said. Stainless steel has been popular in high-end dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers. GE's Profile brand is marketed to the top 10 percent of the consumer market and carries premium pricing. Last year, the industry sold about 500,000 stainless-steel dishwashers. GE hopes to garner about 25 percent of that maket, Mr. Wrightington said.

One reason stainless steel is popular is that it allows temperatures of up to 160 degrees, which by most health-code standards makes it a professional sanitizer, not just a dishwasher, said Ms. Freeman.

The Profile dishwasher also features a rack that holds up to 16 place settings and can fit tall items, such as pasta and saucepans. A four-position upper rack allows both sides to move up, down and diagonally. The five-position, fold-down tines in the upper rack adjust to fit dishes, bowls, glasses and pots.
Profile dishwashers also come with a package to muffle operating noise and are EnergyStar rated for efficiency. The dishwasher is available with a black, white, bisque, or stainless-steel exterior. (The Courier-Journal)

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