Power Saving Appliances Have Brisk Sales in Korea
Feb 17, 2003
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As oil prices surge, energy-saving electronic appliances are seeing a boost in sales, industry sources said.

The sources said the sales of home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions designed to save from between 30-60 percent from ordinary ones are soaring by over 30 percent. At the Busan, South Korea main branch of Lotte Department Store, an average of seven to eight units of LG Electronics' Dios refrigerators are being sold compared to four to five units daily last month. The models reportedly save up to 70 percent in energy consumption.

Basic Zipel, a power-saving refrigerator manufactured by Samsung Electronics, is showing a 30-percent rise in daily sales volume to about seven units compared to the same period last year.

The sales of domestic refrigerator brands that usually consume one-third less energy compared to imported products are thus enjoying more popularity, the sources said. Drum washing machines, which use a lot less water and electricity compared to ordinary models, are posting 30-percent more sales at department stores and discount stores as well. While these products are more expensive, maintenance costs are much smaller, according to retailers. (Korea Herald)

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