Apple Unveils G5 Computer
Jun 24, 2003
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Apple Computer Inc. introduced new Macintoshes and its "G5" computer chip, a breakthrough design by International Business Machines Corp. that reportedly can handle twice as much data at once as traditional PC microchips. The computer maker also said at a developer conference in San Francisco, CA, U.S. that its new online iTunes music store had sold 5 million song downloads since its inception 8 weeks ago. Apple plans in August to begin selling three models of desktop computers based on the G5 chip, which can manage 64 bits of data at once, compared with 32 bits for traditional home computers. Chief Executive Steve Jobs told the developers that Apple had topped its main competition, Microsoft Corp. Windows-based PCs, which use chips from Intel Corp. and AMD that run at faster rates -- measured in gigahertz -- than those in current Macintoshes. "We can clearly say we've caught up with the PC and passed them," said Mr. Jobs. (Reuters)

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