Houseware Purchases Reflect Stay-at-Home Attitude
Feb 12, 2003
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When it comes to housewares, products that encourage families to stay at home and spend time together are expected to be popular this year, according to the International Housewares Association’s Marketwatch report. The report claims that carrying a good mix of high-end products with more features could attract aging baby boomers who are likely to trade up when they replace a product. In addition, households with children are at least 10 percent more likely to have purchased barbecue grills, barbecue tools, ceiling fans, portable fans, and irons in the past year.

About 3 percent of all households will likely purchase outdoor grills, barbecue tools, and microwave ovens this year, according to the IHA report. While more than 90 percent of U.S. households own microwave ovens, irons, and ironing boards, fewer than 12 percent of U.S. households replaced the products in the past year.

Portable fans and outdoor grills are purchased by the average U.S. household every 6-7 years, while dehumidifiers, window/room air-conditioners, barbecue tools, and microwaves are bought about every 8-9 years. (Home Channel News)

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