Miele Introduces New MasterChef Oven Collection
Feb 12, 2003
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Miele, the largest family-owned appliance company in the world, introduces the MasterChef oven series, the first fully-programmable digital ovens. The MasterChef Collection was developed specifically for the North American marketplace through intensive consumer research and is designed to make life easier.

"We spent hours videotaping consumers in test environments trying, in vain, to understand and operate a variety of ovens," says Matthew Kueny, manager of Miele USA’s Product Development Group. "Ease-of-use was their number one desire, and our motivation in designing the MasterChef oven. You don’t need an instruction manual to operate this oven. You don’t even need a recipe book. You won’t have to call your mother every time you make a roast," continues Mr. Kueny. "You are always just two or three touches on MasterChef’s menu system away from a perfect meal."

The MasterChef operating system is said to give gourmet chefs ultimate performance and control, while novice cooks enjoy intuitively easy-to-use menus. "Ease-of-use, performance, design flexibility and quality are the defining characteristics of the new MasterChef oven line," concludes Mr. Kueny.

A new feature unique to the Miele MasterChef oven is the "Favorites" program, which lets consumers store more than 30 customized cooking programs of their favorite recipes in the oven’s memory.

Miele says that the MasterChef oven may be easy for novice chefs, but it provides a professional level of total control and accuracy for true gourmets. With 15 cooking modes, and temperature accuracy to within 1°F, the MasterChef oven gives chefs the flexibility to bake, roast, proof, dehydrate, broil, and more. MasterChef comes equipped with Miele cooking features, such as Convection AutoRoast, which automatically sears meat first at high temperatures to hold in moisture. Miele’s true convection system is said to deliver even, consistent cooking on six levels, with no flavor transfer. A dual timer lets you know when each will be done.

The MasterChef oven can be operated in five languages - English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. The oven will also convert to the metric system for recipes with International origins.

"The Sabbath mode allows people of the Jewish faith to program their MasterChef oven to stay on for up to 72 hours," says Tom Foy, Miele National Customer Support Manager. "Additionally, the oven will not activate until the food is placed inside, further balancing Kosher cooking needs with energy consumption concerns. When set to the Sabbath mode, the display and lighting remain unchanged – another key feature for religious observance."

The MasterChef’s smooth, tempered glass control panel is easy to wipe clean, and when the oven is in self-cleaning mode, a unique catalytic converter inside the oven removes any unpleasant cleaning odors.

In making the oven, Miele recognized that consumers want an oven that looks as good as it cooks. The MasterChef features a strong, symmetrically-balanced face that blends the contemporary and the classical in a "framed" motif that is said to integrate tastefully with any kitchen. With single or double configurations available, MasterChef provides complete design flexibility in stainless, black, or white with multiple handle options from sleek to professional.

The Miele oven is striking enough to become a design focal point, yet subtle enough to blend seamlessly into virtually any style of kitchen architecture," says Patricia Bender, Miele Showroom Manager and Interior Designer. "The sleek, sophisticated appearance doesn’t call undue attention to itself, won’t look dated over time and provides enduring beauty and functionality."

In conjunction with the MasterChef oven series, Miele is also introducing its revolutionary Warming Drawer. The Warming Drawer adds even more design flexibility and consumer functionality.

"The Miele Warming Drawer is a perfect complement to the MasterChef oven and cooktop," states Paul McCormack, Miele Marketing Manager, Domestic Products. "In addition to the unplanned delay, it is the ultimate chef’s tool for keeping everything perfect for holiday dinners. The open-sided design is ideal for entertaining, providing easy access for large serving platters, so you don’t burn your hands or spill dipping sauces. We like to say the MasterChef Warming Drawer perfects the planned and unplanned wait."

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