ASHRAE Approves Air Quality Addenda to IAQ Standard
Feb 5, 2003
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Four addenda to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers' (ASHRAE) ventilation standard have been approved for publication.

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62-2001, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, sets minimum ventilation rates and other requirements for commercial and institutional buildings.

The addenda, r, z, ad and af, were approved at ASHRAE's 2003 Winter Meeting held in Chicago, IL, U.S., Jan. 25-29.

Addendum 62af changes the purpose and scope of the standard to
describe how it relates to new and existing buildings, clarifies its coverage of industrial and laboratory spaces, and adds a caveat concerning situations where outdoor air quality may be poor.

The addendum states that the standard is intended for regulatory
application to new buildings, additions to existing buildings, and those changes to existing buildings that are identified in the body of the standard, according to committee chairman Andrew Persily. It also states that the standard is intended to be used to guide the improvement of indoor air quality in existing

Other addenda approved for publication are:
* Addendum r contains requirements for assessing the quality of outdoor air used for ventilation. The addendum requires outdoor air quality assessment and requires particle filtration when the outdoor particle concentration is
high. It does not require air cleaning for other gaseous contaminants, Mr. Persily said.
* Addendum z addresses air cleaning requirements for ozone. The standard currently recommends outdoor air cleaning for contaminants of concern, but does not require cleaning for outdoor contaminants including ozone, according to Mr.
* Addendum ad updates material in Appendix C of the current standard, which contains a number of air quality guidelines and regulations issued by bodies other than ASHRAE. In addition, the addendum describes the source of the
values and the context in which they were developed. The addendum also deletes Appendix A (Conversion Factors) and places the relevant material at the end of this appendix.

The addenda are subject to a 15-day appeals period to the Board of Directors. Published addenda to ASHRAE standards are available for free at,

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