Samsung Techwin Aims for Top in Digital Cameras
Feb 4, 2003
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Samsung Techwin Co. revealed a mid- to long-term blueprint for its future Tuesday at an explanatory session on its business vision and globalization strategy held in Seoul.

Under the plan, the domestic digital camera producer says it intends to become one of the world's top manufacturers in this category by 2005 and one of the top three by 2010.

To achieve this, it plans to overhaul its production facilities to make 1.3 million units this year, 2.6 million next year, 4 million in 2005, and 7-8 million in 2010, while raising R&D investment to 20 billion won (U.S. $16.94 million) this year and 43 billion won in 2005.

Samsung Techwin is set to cut the proportion of its military business while lifting the civilian one including digital cameras to 65 percent in 2005. Currently it stands at 32 percent.

In an attempt to boost product development, it will reportedly recruit approximately 140 local and foreign brains with core technologies in 2003, which is twice the number hired last year and raise annual recruitment to 200 in 2004.

It will also establish a digital camera institute in Yokohama, Japan within this month.

Samsung Techwin plans to improve its product lines by rolling out 10-11 kinds of new products each year and set up a full line-up comprising four phases to suit beginners, women, teenagers, businessmen, and photo specialists next year.

By 2004, it intends to build distribution and after-sales service centers in America, Europe, and Asia and raise the number of overseas sales and production units to 10 by 2005 from the current seven. In particular, it has decided to concentrate on the development of moving image-related technologies featuring mobile display technology, memory and MPEG-4, while trying to make its products as high-end ones in cooperation with affiliates of Samsung Group such as Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDI. (AsiaPulse)

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