CEA Adopts Color Coding Standard for Home Television F-Connectors
Feb 3, 2003
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The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced today that its Video Systems committee (R4) has adopted a color-coding standard for F-connectors used in home television systems. This standard, designated CEA-897 - F-Connector Color Coding for Home Television Systems, defines specific colors for marking inputs and outputs commonly used to connect the electronic devices in a home television system. Consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers can use the specific colors specified in CEA-897 to ensure consistency across the different connnectors.

"This standard will make it easier for consumers to hook up their home entertainment systems without confusion," said Wayne Luplow, vice president of HDTV Standards and Promotion for Zenith Electronics and chair of CEA's Video Systems committee. "By helping consumers to get it right, this standard will also help eliminate the risk of interference to other products."

F-connectors carry video and audio signals. They are found on a variety of CE products, including television sets, satellite TV receivers, cable set-top boxes, VCRs and DVD players. They are used to connect antennas to consumer electronics and to connect consumer electronic products to one another.

"CEA-897 will be of tremendous benefit to satellite TV subscribers and all consumer electronics customers," said John Card, systems engineer of EchoStar Communications Corporation and chair of the working group that drafted the standard. "Consistent colors on the various inputs and outputs will help people quickly connect devices the right way, the first time and with little assistance. The cross-industry participation in the working group created a useful and simple standard."

The color-coding standard will make it easier for consumers to identify connectors for specific applications. For example, it will help consumers to locate the appropriate input terminal to which they should connect the cable from their satellite dish antenna. It will also make it easier for them to determine how to connect a satellite dish and a local TV antenna to their home entertainment system. Connection specifications for cable televisions, VCRs, DVD players and home video distribution systems also are covered.

CEA-897 is available from Global Engineering Documents and can be accessed online at http://global.ihs.com. Additional information about CEA's Technology and Standards department can be found at www.ce.org/standards.

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