Jura-Capresso Launches Coffee and Espresso Center
Jan 31, 2003
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Jura-Capresso, the new joint venture between Capresso Inc. and Jura AG of Switzerland, unveils the new Impressa F9, the first automatic coffee and espresso center in the U.S. to offer new touch screen technology and a new luxurious look with European flair.

The Jura-Capresso Impressa F9 is also the first automatic coffee and espresso center offered in the US with Internet connectivity. An Internet Kit, which will be available in the fourth quarter of this year, lets you download special recipes from the Internet into your machine. It can also retrieve data from the machine and display it on your computer.

“It’s exciting to offer something the American consumer has never seen before in the hottest growing category in coffee,” said Michael Kramm, Founder and President of Capresso. “The Impressa F9 appeals to the same consumer who orders the premium and the sports packages when buying European cars.”

The Swiss-made Impressa F9 combines a commercial conical burr grinder, unique pressure brewing system and power pump system to produce the best in crema coffee and espresso-based drinks.

With its touch screen technology, the new Jura-Capresso Impressa F9 is ideal for the high-tech kitchen or executive office. A gentle touch of the illuminated control panel lets you select from three different cup sizes and three different coffee strengths, or it allows you to easily program the machine with additional options to produce crema coffee or espresso-based drinks to taste.

An easy-to-read rolling LED display, which appears like a marquee at the top of the machine, brings the spirit of entertainment and high-tech convenience to this uniquely designed machine. The Impressa F9 features a striking, heavy duty 3mm thick chrome-alloy front and stainless steel grid. Recessed LED lights illuminate to shine on cups as they’re being filled.

The Impressa F9 comes with Dual-Frother PLUS, which lets you steam or froth milk for cappuccinos or lattes in a pitcher or right in your cup. A separate hot water button lets you pump a programmed amount of hot water up to 16 ounces for tea, soups or hot chocolate. frothXpress PLUS is sold separately for those who prefer this automatic frothing system.

An intelligent pre-brew aroma system automatically adjusts the pre-brew cycle to the amount of ground coffee to make sure the grounds are properly pre-wetted before brewing starts. The system features an 18 bar pump system and 1350 watt stainless steel lined thermoblock that heats water to the ideal temperature and is flavor-neutral and corrosion-free. The coffee spout moves up and down to accommodate mugs and cups of different heights.

The LED display delivers precise information on the status of the machine in English or your choice of six other languages. When maintenance instructions appear in the display, the corresponding buttons are illuminated to communicate faster.

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