Take it Back 2003 Recycling Conference
Jan 30, 2003
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Manufacturers selling in Ontario, Canada will be saddled with one of the most complex packaging fee systems in the world by June, with some paper fees exceeding those in many European countries, according to the January 2003 issue of State Recycling Laws Update from Raymond Communications.

"This means North American product makers can no longer delegate recycling compliance to far-flung
distributors – they will be responsible for every piece of packaging put on the Canadian market," says Michele Raymond, SRLU publisher and organizer of the Take
It Back! 2003 conference. "Producer responsibility”(EPR) issues worldwide will be covered at the conference, to be held at the Holiday Inn & Suites, Alexandria, VA, U.S., Feb. 24-26.

Companies selling more than U.S. $2 million in goods to consumers in Ontario must now calculate weight-based packaging fees on each material they use. This will be the first time in North America that weight-based fees will be assessed on

The regulations don’t just cover packaging – companies will have to weigh and pay fees on their package inserts as well. The province also plans to require producer funding of recovery for batteries, fluorescent tubes, pharmaceuticals,
electronics, and other hazardous wastes within 2 years.

The conference will feature speakers from around the world providing the latest on recycling and EPR policy for packaging, electronics and batteries, as well as new case histories from Eastman Kodak, IBM, GE Medical, and Boots Co., UK.

A retailer panel will include environmental managers from Staples and Target Stores. Domestic presentations will cover plastic packaging design, electronics takeback initiatives, and mercury regulation.

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