Electrolux Appliances Installed in Antarctic Research Station
Jan 27, 2003
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Household appliance maker Electrolux announced that it is providing appliances to Concordia, a new research station under construction in a remote location in Antarctica.

Concordia is the first permanent base set up to allow scientists and researchers to spend the winter in the Antarctic climate. The base is located high on the Polar Plateau and is expected to be fully operational in 2004. The base will house 16 scientists from the Italian research organization Ente per le Nuove Tecnologie (ENEA) abd France’s Insitut Polaire Emile Victor (IPEV).

Electrolux has delivered 12 appliances to the station, including energy-efficient dishwashers, front-loading washing machines, and clothes dryers. Since Antarctic is one of the world’s least polluted locations, visitors are obligated to minimize their impact on the environment. Energy and water consumption and waste are carefully monitored and controlled.

"Environmentally sound and durable equipment is extremely important in a region where winter temperatures can reach negative numbers and hurricane force blizzards are part of daily life," said ENEA’s unit. "The equipment in the research station takes on an absolutely vital comfort and even a basic survival role."

"We are delighted that our products will be helping to make life at Concordia a little more comfortable and help ensure a safer environment," said Hans Stråberg, president and CEO of Electrolux Group.

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