Zoran-Based DVD Products Receive Innovation Awards
Jan 21, 2003
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Zoran Corporation, a Santa Clara, CA, U.S.-based provider of digital solutions-on-a-chip for consumer electronics applications, announced that the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), Home Theater News & Review, and Time Magazine have selected several Zoran-based DVD player products as Innovation Award winners.

The CEA selected two Toshiba DVD products for CES Innovations 2003 awards. In the personal electronics category, Toshiba's SDP2000 portable DVD player was recognized for being the industry's first progressive scan portable DVD-Video/Audio player with a high-resolution wide screen 8.9-inch TFT LCD display.

Receiving recognition in the video category, Toshiba's RD-X2 DVD-Ram/HDD Recorder product, with an 80-gigabyte hard disc drive, gives consumers the flexibility to record their favorite programming and to dub and edit movies on the hard disc drive or on removable DVD recordable discs.

In addition, Time Magazine recently named Toshiba's SD4800 DVD player one of "the coolest inventions of 2002," stating that "this machine's progressive-scan output looks great on any TV" and it recognizes DVD-Audio discs that offer high-fidelity surround-sound versions of classic albums. Zoran's Vaddis 5 DVD processor powers all three of these award-winning models from Toshiba.

Also selected for a CES Innovations 2003 award in the video category, SONICblue's GoVideo D2730 DVD player is one of the first home network-compatible, progressive scan DVD players. In addition, CNET Electronics selected the Vaddis-based GoVideo D2730 DVD player out of thousands of products as one of the top ten Best of CES 2003.

Zoran's Vaddis also powers Arcam's FMJ DV27 model awarded DVD Player of the Year honors in Home Theater News & Reviews' November-December 2002 issue.

"Zoran remains focused on delivering the highest quality audio and video technology for the DVD industry. We are pleased that our customers' products are gaining recognition for the high quality performance delivered in their Vaddis-based DVD products. Zoran's Zbox initiative will further extend the DVD platform and allow OEM manufacturers to add compelling consumer applications for viewing on televisions or home theater systems. The DVD player/recorder is quickly becoming the control center of digital entertainment in our living rooms," said Camillo Martino, executive vice president and COO.

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