LG Electronics Top Seller of Air-Conditioners
Jan 14, 2003
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LG Electronics said on Monday that it has been the top air-conditioner maker in the world for the last 3 years in a row, selling 6.7 million sets of its Whisen air-conditioners in 2002.

The electronics maker, at a ceremony making the event and introducing new models, said its share of the world air-conditioner market reached 14.3 percent and was worth U.S. $2.2 billion. Total world sales of the product reached 47 million sets last year.

Whisen was said to be the leader in 15 countries last year up from only three in 2000. It was reportedly the top seller in 10 countries in both North America and Latin America, rising from five. Altogether, it says it had top air-conditioner sales in 41 countries last year.

The appliance maker said it has plants in eight regions in the world in order to make air-conditioners specifically suited for each region. LG plans to expand the output of its Chinese plant (Tianjin) to 2.5 million sets this year from 1.5 million sets last year to secure a larger share in the Chinese air-conditioner market, which is said to be at 10 million sets and has been growing more than 12 percent annually.

The company projects to sell $3.5 billion worth of air-conditioners by 2005. (Asia Pulse)

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