Waterpik Introduces New Marketing Platform
Jan 13, 2003
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Waterpik Technologies, the maker of The Original Shower Massage® and the Waterpik® oral irrigator, is introducing a new marketing platform for 2003. Beginning with an ad buy and the launch of new products to a redesigned packaging, Waterpik says its new marketing approach is aimed at increasing consumer awareness of the its expanding personal healthcare products, and facilitating the shopping experience for consumers.

Television and Print Campaigns

Over the course of the year, the Company will place a high emphasis on promoting a variety of products in the most competitive categories so that consumers will be exposed to the brand for the entire span of the year during key selling seasons.

The campaign will include both television and print support for Waterpik's showers category during the first half of the year when remodeling season begins with special interest publications, and a repeat of the successful Cascadia(TM) drenching rain showerhead TV effort. Media support for the new SynchroSonic(TM) advanced action sonic plaque remover kicks off in April and peaks during the popular fourth quarter shopping season with a combination of print and television.

Another product that will have national media support is the Automatic Flosser with whitening tips in women's publications such as Glamour, Jane, Lucky, Vogue, Allure and Self and men's magazines such as GQ and Details. In addition, Waterpik will launch an array of in-store promotions to entice consumers at the point of purchase.

New Products and Re-Branding

Among the new products launching in 2003 is an expansion to its personal stress relief category with the addition of the Foot Retreat Massager(TM) with rolling action, a deep-kneading foot massage that will retail at about U.S. $80 and is available in spring. The oral care category is expanding with a rechargeable oral cleaning system. In addition, the focus will be on growing the distribution of the recently launched SynchroSonic(TM) advanced action sonic plaque remover, reportedly featuring the cleaning power of two motors. The two rechargeable models retail for $40 to $60. Lastly, Waterpik's water filtration offerings will include new refrigerator and faucet-mounted filters in 2003.

In addition to the launch of new products this year, some of Waterpik's star products will be receiving a facelift. The next generation of the popular personal stress reliever, the AccuReach(TM) precision massager, will have three to five more massage tips for different massage sensations. Additionally, the eBrush(TM), Waterpik's battery-operated electric toothbrush, is being re-branded and will begin selling under its new name, Vibe(TM), this spring, and will be available in the third quarter. The product's name and packaging have been changed, both with the goal of more clear, simple, and effective communication with the consumer.

According to Waterpik, the Vibe(TM) toothbrush looks like a manual brush, yet operates at 15,000 strokes per min for superior plaque removal (versus manual brushing). The toothbrush is targeted primarily towards adolescents and adults who have considered buying a powered toothbrush, but were concerned about a $60+ investment, or were hesitant to purchase a toy-like brush.

New Product Packaging

Waterpik is also introducing a complete packaging redesign for its entire shower products category, fueled by several recent consumer research efforts. The Company conducted an attitude and usage study of showerheads, and most recently, conducted an in-store intercept where the decision-making hierarchy for a showerhead purchase was identified.

Subsequently, Waterpik incorporated these ideas into the package re-design. The company says the result is a consistency across all Waterpik® shower product lines and more communication of the key benefits to consumers.

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