Holiday Shoppers Spent 81-Percent More Than Anticipated
Jan 7, 2003
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Holiday shoppers say they spent 81 percent more than they had anticipated in late October, according to a Dec. 27-29 survey by the International Mass Retail Association (IMRA). Shoppers averaged U.S. $1,558 per household, up from their prediction of $863 when surveyed Oct. 18-20. Their holiday spending is 38-percent more than last year's average in IMRA's survey at the end of December.

For the first time since IMRA began the holiday surveys (1996), women spent more than men. Their households averaged $1,742, compared with the men's average of $1,375 per household. The biggest spenders this year were those ages 25-34, who averaged $2,216 per household. Next highest were shoppers ages 35-44, at $1,930 per household. Those in households with children spent 93-percent more than those in childless households--$2,192 on average, compared with $1,136.

When asked where they had their best experience, 36-percent of those surveyed named discount department stores, up from 35 percent in 2001. Department stores came in second (22 percent), followed distantly by specialty stores (7 percent) and other types of retail outlets. This year the Internet gained more favorability than other types of retailers--named best by 7 percent of holiday shoppers compared with 4 percent in 2001. (Retail Merchandiser)

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