Philips Wins 19 CES Innovation Awards
Jan 3, 2003
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Philips Electronics announced it is the recipient of 19 2003 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Awards. The company reportedly received more awards than any other manufacturer at this year's show and set a record for the company.

Four of Philips' products, including its 44-inch Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS) Television, psa 128 MP3 player, iPronto TSi6400 and its multi-changer SACD/DVD Home Entertainment System MX5900SA, were recognized as 2003 CES Innovations Best of Innovations for the show. A panel of prominent industry
designers, engineers and journalists, determined the 2003 CES Innovation Awards. The products were judged on the following criteria: user value, aesthetics, contributions to the quality of life, as well as innovative qualities.

Philips 2003 Innovation Awards include:

Video Category

  • Philips DVD760AT DVD-Video Player with Photo Interactivity
  • Philips DVD963SA Progressive Scan DVD and Super Audio CD Player
  • Philips LX9000R DVD+RW Home Entertainment System
  • Philips 44-in LCOS Slim HD monitor with Pixel Plus (Best of Innovation)
  • Philips 23-inch LCD Thin, space saving FlatTV

    Personal Electronics Category
  • Philips AJ3136 Lifestyle Clock Radio
  • Philips eXp521 MP3 & WMA CD Player
  • Philips KEY007 Portable Digital Camera Key Ring
  • Philips KEY006 Portable Audio Key Ring
  • Philips SA220 RUSH Digital Audio Player
  • Philips psa cd8 Nike Portable Sport Audio by Philips - 8cm MP3-CD player

    Audio Category
  • Philips MX5900SA 5 SACD/DVD Home Entertainment System (Best of Innovation)
  • Philips MC-i250 - Streamium Wireless Broadband Internet Audio System
  • Philips Emotive Systems (MZ1000, MZ1100, MZ1200) - Lifestyle Micro CD System
  • Philips AZ2555 - wOOx CD Soundmachine
  • Philips AX7201 - Super Slim Portable CD Player

    Accessories Category
  • Philips TSi6400 - Intelligent Home Theater Control System(Best of Innovation)
  • Philips TSU3000 - Intelligent Remote Control

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