Power Tool Institute Opens Educational Site
Jan 3, 2003
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The Power Tool Institute has launched its new web site at www.powertoolinstitute.com, which is focused on recommending safe practices for the use of portable and stationary power tools on the job or at home. "We could all use more power tool safety education," says John Schiech,
President of Power Tool Institute. "Millions of people use power tools each day and many of those individuals could benefit from additional safety resources. We created our site to provide a package of power tool safety information in an interactive, interesting, and easy-to-use format."

Visitors to the new PTI web site can access a straightforward compilation of rules and safe practices for each category of portable and stationary power tools in a section called "Safety is Specific." The site also contains lesson plans, student activities, quizzes, support materials, and references to additional information on each power tool category under "Teaching Power Tool Safety." Both sections are packaged into downloadable, printer-friendly, full-color booklets that are available to everyone and free of charge. In addition, three power tool safety videos can be viewed online while accessing the PTI web site. These videos include: "Power Tool Accidents -
They Can Be Prevented," a 19-min video with Teacher's Guide that reviews the general rules for power tool safety; "Circular Saw Safety," a 25-min video with Teacher's Guide that recommends safe practices for the use of circular saws; and "Table Saw Safety," a 19-min video with safety recommendations for the use of table saws. These videos can be viewed by clicking on the "safety videos" icon located throughout the site. A
fourth video on Miter Saw Safety will be added in the near future.

In addition to the power tool safety booklets and videos, the new PTI web site offers information about battery recycling, profiles of member companies, a power tool "glossary of terms," a list of related industry links, as well as a downloadable order form to obtain copies of any PTI materials.

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