Friedrich Receives Environmental Excellence Award
Dec 26, 2002
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Friedrich Air Conditioning Company has been selected by San Antonio Water System (SAWS) to receive the 2002 Environmental Excellence award for its outstanding achievements as an environmentally friendly manufacturer. Only 10 major industrial users are said to have been honored.

All recipients must meet stringent criteria, including performing well on 100 percent of SAWS water monitoring and testing during the past 5 years, meeting all reporting requirements on time, and having excellent on site inspections. According to SAWS, "The purpose of the Environmental Excellence awards is to recognize Significant Industrial Users for their outstanding achievements in the Pretreatment Program."

Friedrich’s president, Charles M. Marino, was pleased the company had been recognized, explaining: "Friedrich is committed to being an environmentally responsible manufacturer and corporate citizen. We are pleased to have been recognized by the San Antonio Water System for our contributions to the environmental health of our community."

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