Wago Adds Partner to Third-Party Program
Dec 20, 2002
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WAGO Corporation announced an addition to the WAGO Innovative Partners Program (WIPP). WAGO has teamed up with Advanced Production Systems, Inc.(APS), maker of the enterprise connectivity tool and data transport utility known as I/GearĀ®. The alliance provides users with a way to link business systems to the plant floor without programming. Real-time data can be sent directly from plant floor control devices to information systems such as ERP systems, databases, e-mails, printers, and serial devices. Together, WAGO and I/Gear create a simpler solution using the WAGO I/O SYSTEM to capture and collect the data, while I/Gear serves as the pathway between the WAGO I/O and the information systems used to analyze the data. The result is a seamless transfer of information because it does not interfere with existing control systems and there is no additional down-time associated with trying to determine the connection of each information technology the customers uses.

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