New Smart Washer from Fisher & Paykel
Dec 12, 2002
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The second generation of the Fisher & Paykel washing machine, Ecosmart™, has been launched. The Ecosmart washing machine is said to combine the ergonomic advantages of top-loading washers with the high energy and water efficiency ratings normally associated with front-loading washers. The new Ecosmart GWL11 reportedly has added a 35-percent wider opening, sturdier lid, improved wash performance, and even better energy efficiency.

Ecosmart’s exterior enhancements include the wider opening, which provides easy access for loading and unloading clothes. Consumers will also enjoy the enhanced appearance of the lid in the new model. Taking cues from contemporary automotive product and fashion design, the external styling provides a clean and modern appearance. It consists of an ABS skin with glass bead-filled SAN core, providing a durable, easy-to-clean surface. A lid lock has also been introduced to add extra safety during potentially hazardous spin cycles. Other improvements include a new console that has been angled back to enhance the users’ viewing and operation of the panel and a new panel layout that provides a left to right logical flow for the user when operating the machine. Fisher & Paykel has also improved the functionality of Ecosmart with better wash performance and soil removal and more customization of agitation times.

Ecosmart also offers consumers who are nervous about rising energy costs a way to save money and power. The new washer is an EnergyStar rated washer with a MEF (modified energy factor) rating of 1.91, which exceeds the EnergyStar standard rating of 1.26 by 52 percent. It is eligible for utility rebates prevalent in many areas of the country. Ecosmart’s water-saving system also reduces waste by using from just 13 gal, with the average family load using 24 gal of water. That is a saving of approximately 20 gal per load over a traditional machine.

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