Lowe's and Electrolux Celebrate Partnership
Dec 11, 2002
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Electrolux Home Products, the manufacturer of Frigidaire appliances, and Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse, will celebrate on Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2002 with the presentation of the 7,000,000th dishwasher to come off the production line in Kinston, NC, U.S. This unit will also mark an all time annual production record for the Electrolux factory in Kinston.

"Lowe's business represents a major portion of our dishwasher factory production and we have grown our mutual business in terms of volume and product mix over the last five years," said Tom Anderson, field sales director-Lowe's account Electrolux Home Products. "In short, Lowe's has helped us support a workforce of more than 600 employees in Kinston and we are proud to say our world class dishwasher product is made in North Carolina."

"Bringing a product from idea to market happens quickly when working with Electrolux," said Bruce Ballard, Lowe's merchandising vice president of appliances. "We appreciate the quality products manufactured by the employees of this fine company."

"Frigidaire's production record in Kinston is proof that the American worker is still the most productive," said Mr. Ballard. "High production, coupled with high quality, can only be achieved through innovation, technology and cooperation," added Ballard.

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